Beggars Row Celtic Folk band

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Beggars Row have three CDs at present and number four is being planned.



The first Beggars Row CD featured Scottish & Irish traditional songs mingled with  some of the bands own compositions.

The First album was named after Bob's song "Soldiers of Peace" which praises those gallant people who actively tie themselves up in trees or hide in man made tunnels to protect this planet from  being destroyed by greed.



The third and final CD to date has been on sale since February 2004 and sold out the first run on the tour of Denmark. Beggars Row would like to apologize to all the fans who were unable to buy a copy.

 We had brought more than we normally bring with us but were overwhelmed by the demand and promise to rectify this on future tours.

The third CD is named "Seal Song" after a haunting tune that Gus wrote and plays on the fiddle. On this album two thirds of the material was written by Beggars Row.



The second CD was more of a party album by request of many fans around the world and has been very successful.

It is mainly a collection of up-tempo old favorites with one or two Beggars Row own compositions again particularly one of the fan's often requested "Ciara's Song" written by Gus.

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