Beggars Row Celtic Folk band

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Beggars Row new Seal Song CD

Seal Song is the 3rd Cd by Beggars Row and includes many of our own compositions.

Track 1.

Seal Song written by Gus about the ancient legend from the Islands of Scotland about child drownings.

It was believed if a child went missing never to be found again, then they had been taken by sea creatures.

They believed these creatures were once human but were now turned into seals that one day returned to the place of their birth in human form to either mate or to have children.

After this they would then return to the sea with their young and become seals again.

Often a Mother would be seen walking the shores for months or years calling out to the seals off shore for her young child to return.

Rambling Rover

Typical Scottish song about whisky and women!

up tempo happy song that gets everyone smiling and dancing,

It is then finished of with two tunes by Bob and Neil the first one "Hunt the whisky" is all about finding a hidden bottle of whisky! shame on some people!

The second tune "The happy drunk" is all about what happens after you find the bottle of whisky hic! hic!-("why is it that everything else is moving and I am perfectly still"?) or "why does the floor keep hitting me"!!

Abbo Kintay

Written by Bob about African rivers that are allowed to dry up or die through lack of investment or pollution. Unfortunately when this happens people who live in one place for generations have to move away never seeing friends and family again.

Fairies Waterfall

David wrote this and for this one you have to imagine you are back in the times of William Wallace. You are with someone you love very much and there is an old and great custom in Scotland for lovers to go to secret places.

In this private place beside a hidden waterfall with a large water pool below it, lovers would spend the day swimming and all that-you know!.

When they were there, if the Fairies liked them they would be heard singing and playing happy romantic songs on their harps and pipes.

No matter how loud or long you heard the Fairies you could never see them in the long grass or ferns.

Kate's dilemma

About a beautiful  Danish woman who was sorely troubled with a decision over something important.

The Long road

Most of you will probably remember the tune of this song as "Those were the days " by Mary Hopkins.

Truth is, it was originally a Russian Gypsy song from a long time ago. We sing it in Russian the way we learned it from our Russian friends in "Grenada Folk Ensemble" and it is about a broken love.

Green grow the rashes o' is one of the most romantic songs Robert Burns ever wrote. It is all about lovers spending time by the riverside and what they get up to hidden in the rushes (rashes o').

When Neil and Bob were playing up in Dunvegan one fine summer day, Neil composed this fine tune "Sunset over Dunvegan", aided by that fine Medicinal compound called Guinness. Rumor has it that Bob forced himself to drink the Guinness too as a means of moral support for his suffering comrade.

Stand up all of you who remember that cracking film "The last of the Mohicans" with Daniel Day Lewis! . This is the theme tune from the film and written by a great modern day Scottish songwriter "Dougie McLean". The tune is called "The Gael" and Bob had originally started to learn this on the Low whistles but when Farquar McDonald played on fiddle when he toured Holland with us we knew it had to be fiddle on lead. On our own arrangement Gus is backed up with keyboards, percussion, bass and bob on whistle. A tremendous hit this version with the audience!.

My Lovely Rose is a very sad song about being thousands of miles away from your loved one. In this song written by Bob it's the man who is very sad and everywhere he goes during the day reminds him of his lover.

Some women have the same eyes, some the same smile and eventually, sadly he longs for night time when he can escape his pain with sleep.

Then he does what men are supposed to not do! he cries tears  for his loved one in the secrecy of his pillow and the shield of darkness.

The New Beggars Row CD is out!

"Seal Song" is the name of the new Beggars Row CD and it is named after a beautiful tune written by Gus.

The CD tracks are:

1  Seal Song (Gus Spankie) on fiddle,

2  Rambling Rover (Andy M. Stewart) sung by Neil,

Hunt the Whisky (Ferguson/Nicholson) instrumental,

The happy drunk (Ferguson/Nicholson) instrumental,

3  Abbo Kintay (Bob Ferguson) Bob Sings,

4  The Fairies Waterfall (David Ritchie) Davie on bagpipes

Kate's Dilemma (David Ritchie) bagpipes again,

5  The Long road (Russian traditional) sung by Bob,

6  Green grow the Rashes O' (Robert Burns) sung by Neil,

7  Sunset over Dunvegan (Neil Nicholson) instrumental,

The Gael (Dougie Mclean) instrumental,

8  My Lovely Rose (Bob Ferguson) sung by Bob,

9  Drink Away (Bob Ferguson) sung by Neil,

10  Rebecca's Lullaby (David Ritchie) bagpipes,

Barclay's 80th of Foot (David Ritchie) bagpipes,

Sammy's motor car (David Ritchie) bagpipes,

11  Ye Jacobites Tribal Celt version (Robert Burns) sung by Bob


Drink Away

After touring Holland and being joined on stage by the male choir from Sneek "Rolling Home" Bob began to write this song on the plane home to Scotland solely for the choir.

However he liked it so much that Neil learned the words and the audience reaction has proved it to be a worthy decision so far. Again a very lively and happy, catchy tune all about Scottish sailors landing in a foreign port and causing mayhem with the women and the drink!

Rebecca's lullaby written by David for the little diamond in his life, his first granddaughter "Rebecca"

Barclay's 80th of Foot

Written by David for a friend who was in the 8oth of Foot.


Sammy's Motor car  Sammy is the daughter of a very good and long standing friend of the band "Carol". After a night of celebration for James who used to accompany us on tour (his 50th birthday ha ha ha! ) David found he had suddenly lost the ability to drive!.

So Sammy, Carol, Carol's mum, Kimberly and Scott gave him a warm sofa for the night and then ran him to his car the next day. Surprised all were that David regained the ability to drive again having had a good nights sleep.

Ye Jacobites (Celtic tribal version)

Written by Robert Burns and known by almost everyone in the Folk and Celtic scene. We have been amazed at the response when having sung this song for years and needing refreshed, the band all got together in the studio and totally changed this song with a dominant percussion stomp feel. Audience have taken to it with outrageous applause, though possibly the biggest compliment we have had for this song is from the amount of bands who ask for permission to copy exactly our arrangement.

After recording the CD we went straight on a tour of Denmark with a load of new Cds and the plan was to perform all the songs on the CD in our concerts to promote it. Alas! it backfired with us selling out before the end of the tour and having to disappoint hundreds of fans who had eagerly await.ed the new release.  Sorry folks but we will bring a truck load next time-that's a promise

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