Beggars Row Celtic Folk band

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David's History

On this page you will read about David's own music history


I have been playing the pipes for 47 years and wish that I listened more to the man who taught me.

I was born in Paisley,Scotland and when I was seven years old my father sent me to learn the bagpipes at the local Boy's Brigade.I hated it!!! When I was ten years old I played in my first pipe band championship and we came in second place.Being the youngest in the band I was sent up to receive the trophy and when I left the platform to return to the band all the people were clapping and I did enjoy that.Since then I have always wanted to entertain people.

When I joined a grade 1 band I really got into serious piping.After 8 years with all the competitions during the summer I found I was missing my family growing up so I put my bagpipes under the bed and stopped playing.6 months later I was asked to join the Territorial Army as a piper and they would pay me for it.It sounded good.After 4 years they decided to make me a Pipe Major and I did this for a very,very,very,very,very long time.Then I met Beggars Row!!!!!!!!!!!!

They knew I had kind of played bass guitar when I was younger and asked me to join the band.The first time I had played bass in 22 years was when doing a demo tape with them and I was terrified!!!

I have a son and daughter who both enjoy the music and when my wife sadly died in 2000 it was the boys in the band who pulled me through that terrible time.I enjoy the gigs and tours very much and have a great time and most of all so do the audiences who come to see us.We have made many friends in different countries.Long may it continue.While there is breath in my body I will play the pipes!!!!!!!!!!

David's Own Page

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