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Bagpipe tunes

Highland Cathedral,

Jolly Beggarman,

Liverpool Hornpipe,

By the waters edge,

Shetland Mascots,


Scotland the Brave,

Highland Laddie,

The Barren rocks o' Aden,

Rose of Kelvingrove,

Louise's Wedding,

Rocking the baby,

Fairies Waterfall,

Kate's dilemma,

Rebecca's lullaby,

Sammy's motor car,

Barclay's 80th of Foot,

Fiddle tunes

Ciara's Song,

Maggie's pancakes,

Ballintore fancy No 2,

Glasgow to Moscow,


Drowsie Maggie,

Masons Apron,

Seal Song,

Hunt the whisky,

The happy drunk,

Sunset over Dunvegan,

The Gael,

These are just some of the songs and tunes Beggar Row perform. Most are on the CDs so if you cant remember any of them you can always search through the Tracks until you find it and have a wee listen.

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Many of you will remember the following songs and tunes listed below. Why not have a bit of fun as you read through the titles try and see how many of the songs and tunes you can sing before moving on to the next title. If you are shy and there are friends around who might here you sing then you can always sing in to yourself. Come to think of it maybe Beggars Row should do it as well! Want to make it even more fun?, then have a competition with everyone else in the house to see who can remember the most songs etc!


Soldiers of Peace,

Ready for the Storm,

Sleep for a while,

Broom o' the Cowdenknowes,

Take me Home,

Fiddlers Green,

Sons of Scotland,

The Gallawa' Hills,

Irish Rover,

Dirty old town,


Whisky in the jar,

Ye Jacobites(tribal),

Willie McBride,

Loch Lomond,

The Jackal,

Winds of Freedom,

Rambling Rover,

Abbo Kintay,

The Long Road (Russian),

Green grow the Rashes o',

My Lovely Rose,

Drink Away,

I'll tell my ma,

Doon in the wee room,

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