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The links on this page are to websites and bands that Farquhar runs or is a member of.


In the Bramax Farquhar and his crazy mates perform in their alter ego characters.

The characters of these ego's are. Donald John MacPhearson (Fiddle and Vocals), Hamish Bush MacGhillieMhoirre (Pipes and Whistles), Lachlan Neil Macphie (Mandola and Vocals) and Uist our mascot who eats dogfood. Also, occasional guests are Angus Og MacSpock (banjo - tenor and hairy), and Ginger Rodgers Asheep (Organ).

A performance by the Bramax will never suit the innocent minded and in fact the more broad minded you are the better for The Bramax!!

To got to their MYSPACE  website here is the link

Farquhars own MYSPACE website has many of his own compositions you can find them at this link.