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On this page you will read about Gus's own history

Started playing the fiddle when I was 25.Taught myself, which is the reason for my own style.Previous to that I taught myself classical guitar,banjo,mandolin,double bass and whistle.

Played with a Strathspey and Reel Society for many years and performed on BBC television and other high profile gigs,the Scottish Exhibition Centre and Carnegie Hall Dundee to mention just two.

Joined a folk duo called Seamog in 1984 and played clubs and pubs in Scotland.Played live on radio many times.In 1987 played with folk trio Fuskypig,later increasing the rock band into a five piece and playing our own penned material.The band called True North made two albums before I left and joined a folk rock band in 1990 called Harmonica Jones.

Harmonica Jones played festivals and universities throughout Scotland and England.Played at Celtic Connections in Glasgow at the Old Fruitmarket.Again played on several radio programmes and live on Carlton Television, Birmingham, the show being watched by 2 million viewers.

Joined Beggars Row in 1999.