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Beggars Row are;

Bob Ferguson - lead vocal,guitar,whistle

Neil Nicholson - lead vocal,keyboard,guitar

Farquhar MacDonald - fiddler extraordinaire,piper extraordinairerer and madman builder from Skye!!!!!!!!!

(Gus left band September 2005)

David Ritchie - great highland bagpipes,bass guitar,vocals

Ricky Murray - percussion


In September Gus left Beggars Row.We wish him all the best with his future plans.He will certainly be missed for his fiddle playing and showmanship.He was not easy to replace but we decided to welcome Farquhar MacDonald in to the fold as he stood in for Gus on one of the Holland tours (and we are too lazy to rehearse a brand new guy as Farquhar pretty well knows the set!!!!!)

Farquhar joined us on our Danish tour in October 2005 and was well received by the sell out audiences.Thanks to Peter and Bent from Art and Music for their continued support and for booking further tours for next year.

We are taking a four man camera crew with us on our Holland trip (11th to 14th November 2005) to film a new DVD which will be in the form of an informal documentary as well as including clips from our live gigs there.

To all our friends and fans who have supported us through the years a big thank you from all of the band. It seems only yesterday we started out as a new band but almost seven years have gone by with some members leaving and new guys coming in.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride in some ways with so many of you embracing our easy go lucky, happy style on stage. To be honest we still get overwhelmed with emotion when you all stand and shout, scream and bully us into " just one more song " at the end of the night.

Don't stop because we don't mind singing you another song as we have always said "life is fun" and when we are in concert "it's our party".

We still get surprised sometimes when we meet all of you after the concerts and you tell us how far you travel to see us perform. We think you are a little crazy too! keep coming though!

Many of you who were strangers in the audience have now become very close friends and that is one of the reasons why we always like to talk and have a drink with you after concerts. If we just had ordinary jobs back home then all our friends would most likely just be from Scotland.

When we have a social gathering back home in Scotland now all our friends envy us when we talk of our friends from all the countries and the different ways and attitudes

Most importantly having friends from so many nationalities proves that one day we can have peace in this world with music possibly the catalyst that breaks down the barriers.

On the day that happens we hope that all of you and Beggars Row are still kicking up the feet because we promise you the biggest party ever !


Beggars Row

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